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MashaAllah minyak ni ajaib btol ye... ada satu hari tu sis sakit kepala.. tangkap smpi tengkuk.. lepas tu sapu je minyak ni .. mcm magic.. kejap da hilang rasa sakit tu


I share it with my mom Kazura medicated oil she love it. I on my process to get more. As for the Royale Musk I like it more. Both suits me. Thank you so much

Suryani Sinin

Waalaikumussalm Thahirah, Alhamdulillah I rcvd d oil and hd used it fr my family. We love it.. it reali help to ease d headache especially fr my husband and doter wic suffer light headed very frequent. D smell is soothing not too strong. Yes, I will definitely purchase it again. ☺️

Roshidah Hussein

Very nice oil. Suitable for all generations. Also very good product with halal certificate.

Md Taufiq


The oil very good.. no smell.. use outside no worries about the smell..

Shrek N Fiona

Waalaikum salaam.. الحمد لله the medicated oil is super good. My few of my friend asking for it too..

Faridah Mohd

Salam, yes I gave to my mum, she said...good. the musk perfume I gave to my dad...nice he said.

Arshad Salleh

Waalaikum salam. Thank you for the sample oils u gave me. The fragrance r awesome.

Didi Mcariff

Salam sis Thahirah...my feedback on your medicated oil is is good and very effective, I like it. And the royal musk fragrant also is good. It got a very nice and subtle fragrance.

Lily Azman